Massively Casual Tanking

Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

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The forums at MMO Champion are usually a fun way to spend your time. However, on occasion you come across a topic that makes you wonder …

It is no secret the dungeon queues as a DPS class are irritating at times. It’s not abnormal to sit in a dungeon queue for over 30 minutes. Tank classes however do not have this problem. They get what people refer to as insta-queues (1-2 minutes). So you get a topic like: “What can Blizzard do about the tank shortage?”. 

In my humble opinion, not much.

As a Blood Death Knight tank myself, I find tanking in PUG’s to be stressfull as well. You constantly have to ‘guide’ everyone to the specific encounters. If you’re lucky, you have a group that knows how to play. If you’re not, and that happens often, you find yourself with people that have no clue what so ever, and you’re constantly fixing other peoples mistakes.

Another nice topic is “Archeology epics ending as vendor fodder“. Something I never actually thought about. I usually do some archeology while waiting for my DPS dungeon queue, trying to get that 2H legendary sword. But it is a valid question.

Afterall, if you check that ebonsteel belt buckle, you will notice it says something like: ‘Can be used on items no higher than level 500’. Does this mean the item-level is going to scale that high? 

Sure the archeology finds are bind on account, so you can send them to an alt character if need be. But is it really worth hunting for that super-rare item? As a casual, probably yes.


Written by Beetle

March 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Posted in FFT

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