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Heroic dungeons are not like normal dungeons

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A statement from my mediocre DPS’ing Warlock brother.

You see, we (Blood Death Knight (ilvl 343) and a friend Fire Mage (ilvl 348)) spent the last two weeks gearing him to get his ilvl up. And by that I mean we’ve carried him through all available normal dungeons.

When playing normal dungeons, underperfoming as a DPS class usually means no problems, if the tank is any good, the healer knows what he is doing, and you have other DPS that can make up for it. And I’m sad to say, his DPS is seriously lacking. Usually around 4k-5k. But, not a problem when you have a 13k Fire Mage DPS with you.

He’s playing a Warlock, and let’s be honest, for a WOW newbie player, possibly not the easiest class to be playing. A freakin’ ton of spells and abilities. A bit overwhelming. Again, mostly my fault, because I carried him from level 1 to 85.

Here’s the thing. I’m not an expert when it comes to Warlock game play, but I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to use all of your spells and abilities as a Warlock when playing an instance.

Last week marked the day he hit ilvl 329. So that ment heroic dungeon access.

And the question I was hoping to avoid popped up on skype yesterday.

“Can we do a heroic dungeon guys?”

What options did I have? Say no? Then he’d probably take that as an insult, and that would do no one any good. And he’d probably try his luck in a full pick up group.

So I said okay. And our friendly DPS Fire Mage went along. We both knew what was coming. No way in hell a 4k DPS is going to get any slack from the two randoms in our group. But maybe not a bad thing for him. Maybe it would work as an eye-opener.

I decided to pick an ‘easier’ heroic, Black Rock Caverns. Dungeon queue pops up, and the two randoms are a Paladin healer, and a Druid kitty DPS.

First boss

We arrive at the first boss-fight. The guy that shackles all members to a chain, and if you’re not out of range fast enough, pretty much instagibs you. I explain the fight, and we engage.

First shackle … and one fatality in the group. The Warlock.
We try and keep going with only two DPS. First wave of adds appear, and for some reason the kitty Druid decides to tag them all. Fatality number two. The kitty Druid.

Needless to say, we wipe.

No worries. Ress and repeat is the order of the day.
Second try goes a lot smoother, and we kill the big bad guy.

Second boss

The one where the beams need interrupting.
A long story in a nutshell, we wiped and wiped. Every time, someone couldn’t get out of the beam in time, or stepped into the beam again to soon.

And then the paladin linked a Recount chart.
Warlock DPS: 3.5k

Not completely unjustified.

The Paladin started crap-talking, telling the Warlock to ‘Please leave the group’ and to ‘Stop wanding’ and to return to noobville normal town.

Dude, you’re talking about my brother here. STFU. Still, maybe an eye-opener, hopefully.

After countless of wipes, one trip to Stormwind and a repairbill of over 40 gold, 3 new healers and 2 new DPS’ers, we manage to kill the boss. And actually, the kill went unbelievable smooth, even though he still only did 5k DPS.

Third boss

Now the group make-up was a Druid healer, a Druid kitty DPS, and us, the three stooges.

Beauty. Dog from hell.
We wiped on the first pull because of a mistake from me. To anxious, to eager, to fast. Pulled without ready-checking.

Second try. The kill went anything but smooth. Actually, it was a freaking miracle we managed to kill Beauty. That and unbelievable tanking from myself and epic healing from the Druid.

You see, Beauty has two adds with her. Two small *ahem* puppies that need CC. We agreed on a sheep and a fear. Our Mage friend does his usual magic and my brother does his. Sounds just about right, only to suddenly hear my brother on skype yell: “I forgot my glyph for fear!!!”.

Turns out he respecced to Destruction earlier, and forgot to re-glyph. And forgot to tell us about it to. So now I know why he kept saying “I can’t find [spell x] on my hotbar anymore” the whole time.

Again, I don’t know jack-sh*t about Warlocks, and what that glyph does, besides fearing it in place instead of running around. But apparantly he had trouble re-fearing his target.

So that gave me Beauty and, one small fire-breathing, lava-pool dropping, mindfearing puppy to worry about. I used every possible combination of self-healing and damage-reducing abilities I had. I think I even used some we don’t have. That and the Druid healer that managed to keep me up between firestorms and lava-pools.

But in the end, Beauty was put down.
And then someone linked a Recount chart. Warlock DPS: 4k.


I was silent.
What could I say?
Luckily everyone else was silent to.
We moved to the last boss, which in my opinion, is far to easy.

Forth boss.

We explain what is going to happen, and tell him that because he’s the lowest DPS in the group, he is assigned to kite-duty. Yeah, those 3 mobs are your responsibility.

And much to my delight, he performed admirably. A quick and clean boss-kill.

The randoms in our group thanked us for the run, which made me and my Mage friend laugh over skype.

So yeah, heroic dungeons are not like normal dungeons…


Written by Beetle

March 15, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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