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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Most hated moments in pick up groups as a tank

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This post is inspired because of yesterday. Worst LFD day ever… Every single group my brother and I were put into was just horrible. Lets start:

– Nobody responding when I assign CC duty
– Nobody responding after I do a ready check
– The healer saying ‘sec’ a second after I engage a pack of mobs, resulting in a wipe because of no heals
– People constantly breaking CC
– People not following kill order
– People not knowing the fight
– People with aggro running around like headless chickens instead of stacking on me (Yes Scent of blood means you get croc adds on your ass) (No it’s not my fault) (No I can’t move Death & Decay once it’s put down on the ground …)
– People not buffing up (Yes Fortitude is helpfull for a tank) (Yes you should have it on your toolbar)
– People not clicking my brothers Healthstone portal thingy.
– A healer complaining I don’t stand still (Fire…bad…no?)
– Hunter having 5k DPS and linking recount
– Rogue having 4.5k DPS and linking recount
– Healer leaving after a wipe because no one followed the kill order (Yes you target Millhouse first)
– Healer leaving after a wipe because no one followed the kill order or bothered to interrupt
– Healer leaving after a wipe because no one followed the kill order, bothered to interrupt and broke CC (Stop using multishot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
– Healer leaving after saying ‘FFS mark more mobs’ (Skull-cross-moon-diamond not enough??)
– Hunter asking in Heroic HoO  ‘What is CC?’ after I tell the group we will be using CC
– DPS insta-attacking skull after I do a LOS pull, while I’m still positioning around the corner, not having a D&D up, not having even touched a single mob.
– DPS crying I didn’t taunt skull of them (‘You spank it, you tank it!’ is what my bumper sticker says)

The servergods must have had a little mercy on our souls, because finally, after a 2 hr ordeal, we found a decent bunch of people, and were able to finish a heroic HoO without wipes or troubles.

Yay PUG-life.


Written by Beetle

March 26, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Posted in WOW dungeons

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