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Not even friends can guarantee a fun heroic experience

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One of those rare moments yesterday. Online were my brother, and two real life friends. So it was heroic dungeon time.

Line-up was me (tank), my brother (warlock) and our friends (mage and priest). The mage is pretty well geared (ilvl 349) and the priest is not far behind (ilvl 344).

So one first glance, a decent group.

First dungeon was Black Rock Caverns. All them casters looking for the wand that drops from Corla. I’m not really fond of that instance, but hey, why not …

At this very moment, I’m reluctant to write about the entire run. You never know who read this blog right? But I’ll try and get my point across.

What ever happened to giving the tank some time to build aggro? I cannot get my head around this … not one bit. For the love of god, do not start nuking the second I aggro the boss. Especially on the third boss encounter (Steelbender). When I engage that bastard I wanna make sure I position him at the right spot, so that reapplying the lava-stacks is easiest. And you’re not making it easier for me by going nuclear on the boss the first second I throw my diseases on him. Give me some time, please …

Okay, screw this, lets talk about the run:

Rom’ogg Bonecrusher

Went okay. The DPS’ing of the adds after an earthquake could go a bit faster. Also, when I say my D&D is on cooldown, please help me out. Throw an AoE spell on them, and try to get them of the healer. But then again, why didn’t the healer use her reduce aggro ability? Or the mage a frost ice root thingy? I can’t control how often they spawn, and I only have so many AoE abilities myself.

Corla, Herald of Twilight

This went really well, but lets be honest, this boss is not really hard is she? Get in beam, get out beam …

Karsh Steelbender

Not the easiest boss. A lot depends on the tank here. So as a rule, try and give the tank as much slack as possible. That means, no nuking 0.25 seconds after the fight starts. This also means position yourself well, especially the healer. And yes, in case you didn’t notice, I will try and position the boss in such a manner that I can strafe him through the lava to reapply the stacks. A lot easier for me, but yes it means you need to give me some time to position him and then apply my diseases etc …

Also, when he does spawn adds, do not run away from me. Death & Decay is a stationary ability, which means it’s a lot easier if you are near me and I don’t have to look for you between a boss, adds and lava pools.

We wiped twice on this guy. Once was my bad, for shitty positioning in the first place. Second was somebody standing in the lava and therefore giving everyone AoE damage.


Also not a very tough boss fight. Sheep and fear the adds, and DPS Beauty. The fight took waaaaaaay to long to finish. I alone died at the very end (boss at 1%).

Ascendant Lord Obsidius

Also an easy fight. Luckily we had a fury warrior (fifth random PUG member), so he was assigned to kiting duty.

All things considered, I’m not that pleased with the run in general. Especially considering we were on skype together, and the communication could be a lot better.

Second heroic run was Hall of Origination.

I like this dungeon, it’s pretty straight forward, gives lots of reputation,  and the bosses are not that hard. Even bolder, some trash packs are tougher than some of the boss fights.

Temple Guardian Anhuur

This guy is easy pie. The only thing you have to do is to avoid the blue beam of death. Other than that it’s nuke and jump to trigger the levers. Went well, and really there is no excuse for wiping on this guy.

Earthrager Ptah

Also a very very easy fight. Avoid earth spikes and stack on tank when adds spawn. Went really well but again, no excuse for wiping on this guy.


Yep you guessed it, mr. easy number 3. Avoid blue rays, avoid blue spots on floor. Nuke nuke nuke. No excuses.


A bit of a chaotic fight. But nothing to really worry about. Don’t look at supernova. Kill one add when she splits. Wait for me to mark the add to kill. And don’t run away from me … Fight went well.


Boring fight actually. Kill pods … burn boss. Went well.


This is a test for DPS and healer. This guy summons adds and creates portals than need to be destroyed. The portal killing went well, up until the last one, was waaay to slow. Also, at the end, I had like 4 (5?) adds on me. Healer died. Dunno why … Didn’t loose aggro once.


A fun encounter. Everybody need to be on their toes, and avoid lots of firery things. Again, just a DPS race, combined with lots of situational awareness. Fight went good, almost got the achievement. Healer died at the end.

Overall, a pretty decent run.


Written by Beetle

April 12, 2011 at 8:45 am

Posted in WOW dungeons

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