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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Is some heroic content too difficult for the general LFD player?

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A question worth thinking about.

But then this question opens up another question: What level is the general LFD player?

I’m sure if you play most of your heroic 5 man content through the LFD tool like myself, you have a pretty biased answer ready by now. And I wouldn’t blame you. But was it always like this?

I remember the old ‘classic WOW’ days, where my brother and myself did nothing but instances. Sure there were bad players as well, but never so openly present … so constant in your face. People that play a class but don’t know they have an ability that can freeze a mob, people that have no idea certain spells and abilities do multi-target damage (therefore constantly breaking CC), people that just don’t have a clue at playing there character. So how can we expect them to know about other classes if they don’t even know there own class?

Are these bad players? Certainly they are, but are they bad on purpose? Lets hope not …

A little example. Yesterday, I believe it was heroic Black Rock Caverns, we down a certain boss and a shield drops. Naturally I roll greed, I play a Death Knight, and DK’s cannot use shields. A second later my brother says to me on skype: “Dude, why did you roll greed?? It’s a tank shield. You can now finally equip a shield instead of tanking with a 2 handed mace all the time ….” 
I died a little inside. I must have told him this a hundred times before, DKs cannot equip shields, tanking for a DK means 2 handed weapons … it’s the way the game is designed.

Point is, is my brother a ‘bad’ player for not knowing this, even though I told him this over and over before? No, not anymore. Not since I took it upon me to look up a warlock destruction rotation guide, write out for him why he should do it that way, park his toon in front of a target dummy and made him practise. His DPS is now always near the 10k mark. But it took effort to get him there.

How many players are out there that don’t have someone available that can tell them about rotations? How many players are out there that don’t have someone that can tell them about stats priorities?
It’s not that it is difficult to handle, but if noone ever told you about optimizing your spellrotation, how can you know? If you’re not into forums, not into dedicated websites (EJ) … you’re just logging in each day to have your fun in the world of warcraft.

And then you queue for a heroic dungeon, and you do 4k damage. And everyone around you explodes. And if you’re lucky, someone will point you in the right direction, if you’re extremely lucky, someone will take you under their wings and teach you. Most of the time, you just get raped, and kicked from a group.

I often find myself guilty of this comment as well:

“How in gods name did this [insert bad word] get to level 85 without knowing that??”

Lets be honest, it’s not that hard to get to level 85 these days is it? You don’t even need friends or partymembers to complete quests anymore. Level 1 to 85 can be done completely solo if you like. That and the fact the game has been made so easy (newbie friendly?) contributes to the fact there are a lot of people out there that just don’t have a clue.

And this is where it hurts. Because is it really necessary to have communities to get the best out of your character? Don’t get me wrong, they certainly add to the game (for me), but for the general player? I’m not convinced. Therefore I believe the ilvl requirement to enter a heroic dungeon should be made higher, instead of 329 it should be 339. This would force more people to spend more time in normal dungeons, making them ‘learn’ their class better. Because levelling up your character to 85 does not make you get better at playing it. Quite the opposite actually.


Written by Beetle

April 13, 2011 at 8:19 am

Posted in WOW dungeons

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