Massively Casual Tanking

Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

One of the reasons I hate you

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Yesterday heroic Lost City.

Very first trash pack. Healer (Paladin) deems it unnecessary to use CC. I inspect his gear, and find a good mix of heroic and reputation epics. Okay, sounds reasonable. Onwards it is … I mark skull and cross to keep it simple, only to see myself die 6 seconds after the pull. Dude couldn’t keep me up. Okay, no biggie. Rise and repeat, with CC this time. And then the Paladin says this:

The reason tanks hate your guts

So not only did you let me die on the first pull, but if I want to make your life as a healer more pleasant by using CC, you feel the need to say “just go omfg” … I cannot understand this. Well, I can, if I classify this under ‘retard’.

Take two. I rolled a warrior character recently (Oddball – Night Elf), because I want to see the difference between DK/Warrior tanking. He’s now level 41, and I’m doing it mostly through the dungeon finder tool. Up until now, the groups have been moderately pleasant, although a huge amount of ‘new’ players, usually without a clue what they are doing.

Low levels dungeons must have been tuned, because it is a faceroll for the most part. So just now, I encountered what might just be, the most annoying – retarded player I have ever met in WOW. Meet Mr. Arrowtrap the hunter.

Im not a fan of newbie-hunters

Upon reaching the church entrance in Scarlet Monestary Cathedral, he suddenly feels the need to tell me i should just pull the boss, making all the trash aggro us. And it’s sooo easy we can burn them all. Now the priest with us was decent, but I’m pretty sure aggro’ing all of the trash in front of Mograine is not the way to go. But I speed up things to make the run go faster (which was not really necessary because I was pulling at a very fast pace anyway, but wth right?).

So then Mr. Arrowhead decides to add some more trash to my pulling. Needless to say, we wipe. In starts the fun and namecalling:

“My pet can tank better”
“Learn to keep aggro nubtank”

Stuff like that.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t kick him, because I used the kick thingy just before to kick a party member that disconnected and wasn’t coming back. Luckily there was /ignore. Please do notice the above screenshot, the one I’m doing 52% of the damage. We were all in the same level range … But yeah, clearly I have no clue what I’m doing right???

This is 100% Blizzards fault. Making all the levelling dungeons easy as hell. What message are you giving to new players? Faceroll your way through them, don’t bother learning mechanics. And then you get access to Cataclysm heroic dungeons, oeps sorry, things are different here. Please adjust. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they don’t take freakin’ hours to complete, but this is one of the reasons we have so many clueless people at 85.


Written by Beetle

April 17, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Posted in WOW dungeons

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