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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

5 tips for the newbie tank

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Lets get down to business. Tanking (5 man heroic dungeons) is not difficult. It requires a vast understanding of your tanking class and it requires you to understand and respect the game mechanics.

What does make tanking difficult is the very fact you have to do it with other people. Because tanking means you have to compendate for other peoples mistakes.

So how about some tips to make your life as a tank more pleasant.

Planning and execution
You need the ability to plan ahead. Yes, if you are lucky you overgear the content by a little, and if you are even more lucky, so does your healer. Then yes, it’s more convenient to just rush into a pack of 5 mobs and hope your healer is up to the task.

This is not the way of the true tank.A true tank analyses every fight, and why shouldn’t he? You are always on the receiving end of the beating no? So is it not wise to go into combat prepared? A thoughtfull planning of which mobs to kill first and which mobs to assign crowd control to is what we do. It will make for a far better and faster experience for everyone.

Ignore the annoying DPS that cry ‘GOGOGOGO’. Ignore the healers that cry  ‘just go omfg’. A true tank is a tank that goes into combat prepared and with a plan.

The life of a tank is a hard life. Often (mostly) it is expected of us to ‘lead’ our  fellow partymembers to the path to victory and loot, preferably in the most speedy way possible.

However when we act accordingly (lead) we are judged and forwned upon. We are considered elitist primadonnas.You will not give in!

A true tank wants constant control of all that occurs in a dungeon. Every trashpack, every bossfight. You make the decision how to engage, when to engage. You assign the crowd control duties. You will want to control it all! The better you plan and execute, the easier it becomes to control the fights.

Stay frosty
You need the ability to make decisions on the fly. For all the planning and execution you did, you still need to remember you are playing with other people. Therefore you need to be able to adjust accordingly.

This is a skillset not everyone has. Being able to monitor the progress of the entire fight, while building threat and avoiding game mechanincs.

Demand 100% from everyone, all the time
Lets be honest here, it is way easier to slack as a DPS than it is to slack as a tank or a healer. Therefore you need to enforce the law. The law to play your class at the best of its possibilities.

No it is not enough to do only damage. There are these things called CC, interrupts, … whatever. If you have to be on your toes to ensure a smooth and easy wipeless run, then so does your DPS. Doing only DPS is not good enough anymore. It is time to up the ante.

Thick skin
I cannot stress this enough. In due time, you will become a G.O.B. tank. That is a Grumpy Old Bastard tank …

People will, on occasion, make you want to smash your keyboard into your computerscreen. Sometime because of sheer ignorance, sometimes because people are just douchebags.Grow a thick skin! It will make you care less. Because in the end, when things go bad, you are the one in the spotlight position.


Written by Beetle

April 18, 2011 at 9:13 am

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