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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Heroic tales #1

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My brother still needs to get exhalted with several Cataclysm factions, so the heroics I’m doing now are mostly to give him insta-queues and farm his reputation.

Up first was Black Rock Caverns. He’s still needing a 346 wand, and the only ones that are interesting drop in BRC or The Deadmines. We’re both not fans of The Deadmines, so we usually start with a BRC run.

If you’re lucky, you get a group of random people that know the Corla fight. If you’re not, we’ll … prepare to bend over and take it up the …

But the servergods were smiling upon us, because we had all heroic/epic geared players in the LFD party. We burned through the dungeon up until Steelbender. The well geared healer (Shaman) had to leave due to a real life emergency, so we waited for a replacement. And we got one fairly quick, which turned out to be a fresh 329 ilvl Druid with a couple of green items equipped.

Things just became interesting again …
Steelbender went very well, healer didn’t have to press hard to keep up.

Next were Beauty and Lord Obsidius.

Beauty was a hard fight. Healer couldn’t keep up with the healing. My brother (Warlock) is a fear-master, so he kept his add under control all the time. The hunter in our group unfortunately didn’t, making me tank Beauty and one add at the same time.

Combined, they hit pretty hard, plus they fear on occasion spreading everyone around. I pretty much had to use every cooldown I had, which in the end turned out to be not enough, making me die when Beauty was at 10%. Luckily, the healer was on her toes offering me a Battle Ress. I gladly accepted and we were able to get Beauty down.

Lord Obsidius was an easy fight. The Hunter in question was a very good kiter, making it easy for everyone else to nuke the boss.


Awesome runnings = 1
Hellish runnings = 0


Written by Beetle

April 23, 2011 at 8:54 am

Posted in WOW dungeons

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