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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Heroic tales #3

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Heroic Deadmines … how I hate that place. One dungeon where trash is harder than the bossfights.

Group setup: Me (tank), brother (warlock), friend/guild (mage) and 2 random LFD embers (Shaman healer, Paladin DPS).

Upon inspection of the Shaman healer -> Greens … and more greens … obviously cheating the ilvl system. We ask him how he got his ilvl up to 329, to which he replies with ‘STFU’. Needless to say we votekicked him.

Replacement is found -> Druid healer. Inspection and what do I see … mostly blues (333) and a couple of greens. Okay, this will be though, but doable if we take it easy.

We’re not even on the first boss, and I’ve dies two times already. The Paladin DPS is constantly aggro’ing everything humanly possible, not listening to anything we say. And the Druid healer on occasion stops healing me completely, apologising afterwards by saying “I was checking out what robe I should put on in here”. (female NE character)

We’re laughing on skype. Haha … she wants to be in style running through Deadmines.

The Paladin DPS asks “Are you really a girl??” to which she replies “Yes”. Ok, whatever. Girls play WOW to, lets not get carried away here.

Enter first boss. The one with the rotating fire orbs. In a nutshell, Paladin and Druid both die due to not moving an inch … We’re still laughing on skype, but not that hard anymore. It’s more a desperate laugh now.

We proceed with the dungeon. Paladin dies two times by attacking the none marked mobs. I let him die. Learn it the hard way dude. He starts raging. We votekick his ass to. In comes a replacement … a new DPS Paladin. Seriously, what is up with DPS Paladins?? Am I the only one that feels there is something terribly wrong with DPS Paladins?? It just doesn’t compute.

Anyway, the guy zones in, and the first thing he says in /p is the following:

“Hey, just wanna tel you im not the best player in the world, but also not the worst, just here to get ready for raids cauze im bored you know”.

We’re no longer laughing on skype. No, we are now really hating The Deadmines. I inspect his gear, and find a mix of 333 blues, and guess what … a mail armor item. Okay, I’m so not in the mood for this. Try to votekick, but I’m on a 2 hour timer. Same for my brother and our mage friend.

Decision time. Drop group or keep going? It was getting late, and we didn’t want to start over from scratch, so onwards it was. And what a stupid choice did it turn out to be. The Paladin lied!!! Well kinda, he was right when he said he wasn’t the best player in the world, but boy did he lie about not being the worst. That guy did just about everything wrong … I’ve never seen anyone die so many times in a dungeon. Granted, I didn’t really help by never taunting :-), but seriously …

We did manage to get the dungeon done, but I’m never setting foot in The Deadmines again.


Awesome runnings: 1
Hellish runnings: 2


Written by Beetle

April 23, 2011 at 9:27 am

Posted in WOW dungeons

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