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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

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My little protection Warrior is finally at a happy level 85. And I’m taking it real casual. Patch 4.2 will hit the servers soon, and when that happens we can all buy tier 11 epic items with justice points. The game will become an easier everlasting grindfest for non-raiding people. What else will there be for us? Besides running the same old heroics day in day out.

I’m getting fed up using the LFD tool again. The amount of asshats you come across is unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

I’ve been tanking 5 mans quite a bit with this Warrior, and the difference between my DeathKnight tank is very clear to me. I thought Warrior tanking would be more exciting in a good way, but right now, I’m not really sure anymore.

The biggest thing that hit me is the fact that as a Warrior, you really have to fight for aggro in the first 10 seconds of engagement. Snap aggro and Warriors don’t go hand in hand. I’m so used to this with my DeathKnight, drop a death & decay and you’re pretty much safe for the first 10 seconds. Get your debuffs and migitations up and you’re set for an easy ride.

On a Warrior, that is very different. You have to work for that aggro (threat). Charge in, get a rend up, thunderclap, shield slam and a possible cleave. And then the actual working for threat is just beginning. On my DK, I rarely have to actively monitor and tab through targets (say 4 mobs) to make sure I have enough aggro on them. On my Warrior, pretty much every trashpack means tabbing like crazy.

Offcourse me being in dungeons with random strangers using the LFD tool isn’t really helping. People there do not give a crap about marks and they don’t have the patience to wait 5 seconds before attacking. This makes life for a Warrior tank a lot tougher.

I often wondered why Warrior tanks are so pushy and always charging into a pack of mobs faster than other tanks. Now I now why, because I’m starting to do that myself. It’s to get those couple of seconds headstart and get some threat up and running before that GOGOGO mage starts nuking the living shit out of things, or before that frost DK starts howling blasting his way into a pack of mobs.

I actually had that yesterday, a pretty decent geared frost DK going anal on every pack of mobs in Lost City. I’ve never had to work harder to keep aggro. The guy did a lot of DPS, and granted, he made the run go fast, but dammit, he made me work for my plates.

Maybe stuff will change once my Warrior gets better gear. Right now I’m still in a mix of DPS and tank gear as I’ve been unlucky with drops the last couple of days. Can’t seem to get from ilvl 327 to ilvl 329.

Once I reach ilvl 329 I’ll be doing heroics with people from the guild, hopefully making the tanking experience a bit more pleasant. Like I said earlier, the amount of abusive, ignorant, annoying, little kids you come across in LFD is killing me.

Like the mage that never heared of spellsteal.
Like the hunter that kept going ninja-melee-style on mobs.
Like the two DPS that started bitching because I wanted to do all bosses in HoO (as a tank!).

I just can’t take these people anymore.
I think my votekick timer is up to 10hrs or so. I use it so much these days, but even that is not good enough anymore.

You bitch it’s not going fast enough –> Kick
You bitch it’s going to fast (unless you’re the healer) –> Kick
You bitch about doing boss X –> Kick
You bitch about not wanting to buff Fortitude –> Kick
You bitch about me marking mobs –> Kick
You bitch about me assigning CC –> Kick
Generally speaking, you bitch –> Kick

I just don’t care about you, your class, your needs, your time, your opinion anymore.
Yes I’m bitter about this, and I’m not alone in this.


Written by Beetle

June 18, 2011 at 11:36 am

Posted in Ramblings, WOW dungeons

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