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Is Blizzard the reason for so many bad players?

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Is a question someone stated at the MMO Champion forums. A pretty bold thing to say, and not a question easily answered.

But are they the reason?
If you have the time and feel up to the task you should read through the replies. A lot of yes, no, maybe.

Ofc you should start by asking yourself, what makes a person a bad player? Are they bad because they make stupid mistakes? Are they bad because they don’t know mechanic x or y? Are they bad because they don’t know their class?

There’s so many grey areas this question covers, it’s impossible to awnser in one sentence, or with a yes or a no.

A lot has to do with your own expectations. And the fact they often do not match the other person(s) you play with. You see, Blizzard did their best to make this game appealing to as many people as possible. And that means a lot of people with mixed backgrounds when it comes to gaming.

When you go about playing the game, you often mingle with likeminded people. That is natural. You look for people that attribute to your playstyle.

But when it comes to using the LFD tool, the natural selection of likeminded people goes out the window, and you are paired with total strangers with very different approaches when it comes to playing and enjoying a videogame. And usually this is where it hurts.

So is Blizzard to blame for the inexperienced/ignorant/clueless/rude/abusive people you come across in the LFD pool?


Written by Beetle

June 21, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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