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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Death Knight DPS and tanking

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My brother finally decided to faction change over to the Horde side with me, and we are now enjoying life as Hordies. He’s joined the guild I’m in and we’ve been running heroic dungeons like crazy, while doing the occasional Firelands trash run.

We’re both pretty decent geared for non-raiders (both hitting the 360 ilvl mark) so running heroic dungeons is getting faster and faster (granted we are groupped with non-braindead people).

I had to make a promise to focus more on my main character (Death Knight) and not spend an eternity levelling and gearing my army of alt characters, a promise I’m trying to keep. I did get my Rogue up to level 83 mostly by doing herbalism, in order to level my way to Transmute: Truegold.

This way I can supply my main with a steady supply of Truegold bars.

It’s weird to say, but currently my DPS gear outlevels my tanking gear. I’m hoping to buy my very first tier 12 valor piece today.

Death Knight tanking

As a little test I decided to focus more on gemming and reforging for avoidance, which meant sacrificing mastery. I’m not sure this is paying of the way I expected.  

There’s a big difference in what kind of damage is incoming. Melee damage I’m like a rock and I can migitate a lot of it by smart use of Death Strike and the occasional cooldown. Spell damage on the other hand, hits like a brick. I notice this alot during dungeons with lots of PUG members.

People don’t interrupt … at all … which is a shame, because interrupting means a shitload of damage that can be avoided. It helps the tank do his job, but more importantly, it helps out the healer. Especially when the healer is healing a Death Knight tank.

Example, yesterday a quick and easy heroic Hall of Origination run. Full guild run. 3 DPS guildies that were getting their feet wet in heroic dungeons. Myself and our guildleader (Holy Priest) offer to run them through.

I’ve run this dungeon countless times before, as has our healer, and we’re both well geared (overgeared) for the dungeon. Things go smooth but slow as the groups DPS is not that amazing (all 8-9k). And then I witnessed that which I hate, none of the DPS’ers were interrupting anything. Like I said, myself and our healer overgeared the content a bit, but that doesn’t mean spelldamage doesn’t hit when it comes from multiple sources.

And it so happens, there are some groups of mobs that do some wicked spell damage on your behind if you’re not carefull.

Again here, nothing that can’t be solved by decent positioning from the tanks part (if it’s stationary AoE spell damage), but still it shows that DPS has a pretty important role to play that doesn’t involve … euh … DPS.

And this is where the Death Knight tanking part comes into play. Our health stays up and goes down fast. Yeah that makes no sence, but it’s something to have in mind when you’re healing a DK. Melee incoming damage is where a DK lives for, we love it. Spell damage on the other hand … can really make you freak out as a healer. This is when you’ll see our health go down superfast if it’s unintended (a pull gone wrong, someone broke CC, …).

Now, here’s the kicker. As I said earlier, the guild has decided to start raiding the ‘old’ content (tier 11). I’m curious as to where this will lead us, because rading, even though it is ‘old’ content, is a big step for DPS players.

If you’re wondering why I’m a bit sceptical. A week ago or so, we attempted the new boss in Baradin Hold. And we couldn’t get him below 30% health. Time and time again, people weren’t fast enough with stacking up and getting the ‘Eyes’ down.

I’m not a raider, never was, and I don’t claim to be an elite player by any means, but damn … that guy is not that hard is he? The basics of the fight are pretty straight forward no? And this is with a group of people that ‘outgears’ the content in a way (lots of JP epics, Firelands dailies rewards etc …).

/Exciting times …


Written by Beetle

July 18, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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