Massively Casual Tanking

Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Being rude of just honest?

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I like to think of myself as a cool person. Relaxed. Always on the sideline keeping an eye out for things. That’s why I like(d) to tank.

The guild I’m in has lots of people that don’t use the LFD system because of the amount of asshats in it. Which means gearing is somewhat difficult for a lot of people. Coupled with the fact it is a very adult-oriented guild (average age is 35+) this makes it a casual guild sorta speak.

So my brother and I try to pick up guildies for runs (regular heroic or trolls) a lot. Often this means deaths and wipes because of stupid (funny) mistakes. Which is cool. I don’t mind wiping with guildies. I don’t mind explaining thing to guildies. I don’t mind setting up guildies specs and talents when they ask me. So yeah, I like to think of myself as a cool person to hang with.

Honesty from my part

However, when my bro and I use the LFD tool to get a group together, my mindset changes completely. I will not explain things, I will not explain your class, and I do mind wiping because of your stupid mistakes. Mind you, this doesn’t mean I’m a bastard or rude person going about insulting people for no reason, no not at all. But it does mean i’m that silent tank that doesn’t chitchat about how colorful this particular dungeon is …

I know I know, not very pleasant and all, but it’s the truth.

Enter last weekend.
We queue up for a regular heroic to cap our Valor Points, and get our random group together. The healer immediately says he’s new to this dungeons and isn’t super geared (big plus deserves some respect!). So we take it easy and CC accordingly.

Unfortunately, at some point he dies from not moving out of the green puddles of bad stuff on the floor. No biggie, we laugh and tell him green is bad for the health. And we wait. We wait for the Shaman (PUG) to rezz him. Only … that never happens. No, the Shaman decides to not do anything.

I tell the Shaman to rezz the healer so we can move on. Then the dude answers with:

“Ffs use your DK combar rezz”.

Okay …
Besides the fact my combat rezz needs 50 runic power to work (which I didn’t have atm), why on earth would I want to waste a CR on something like this? But okay, I reply saying lets not waste a CR on this. Which gets me the following reply:

“Don’t need CR here, this is noobstuff”.

This is where I draw the line. If you are playing a class that has the ability to revive other players, and you refuse to do your part, then you can rot in hell for all I care.


Written by Beetle

July 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

Posted in Ramblings, WOW dungeons

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