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Getting seriously bored with the Regrowth and Molten Front Daily Quest Hub

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Or is it just me?
Why is there such a serious lack of ‘epic’ there? If you read the article in which Blizzard announced this new zone, you can’t help but get super-excited.

“You’ll have a lot of freedom in choosing what content you unlock and when, giving you more control than ever over your questing experience. What’s more, this element of choice won’t only be reflected in the content you can access, but also in the world around you.”

Yes this sounds great, but in reality it just means you can pick which dailies to do first. Doesn’t matter squat, because in the end you’ll be doing most of them anyway. So forget about control of your questing experience.

“To ensure that friends can play together even if they’re not progressing identically, we’ve avoided separating players through phasing for all but a couple individual quests. The hub may look very different from one player to another, but they can all still adventure together. No matter where you are in the progression, the Sentinel Tree will be alive and thriving with fellow defenders of Mount Hyjal!”

Again, sounds delicious, only this time I really wished for a phasing experience. There is no epic involved when the entire zone is overrun with players AoE spamming and ninja-stealing mobs. I’ll say it again, there is no epic feeling what so ever!!!

“Earlier, we mentioned that over 60 new quests would be available at the Regrowth and the Molten Front. Since this is quite a lot of content — almost half a zone’s worth! — many of these quests will be randomized into smaller groups. Out of 15 possible quests at a certain hub, for example, you might be able to pick up between three to five each day. This should help keep the content feeling fresh and fun, and your daily quest load a lot more manageable.

This randomization will also play off the environment. On one day, you may be tasked to bolster the defenses outside of Malfurion’s Breach against an onslaught of Molten Giants. On another, you’ll be pitted against lava worms that have surfaced throughout the outpost. These quests will be based on the events taking place around you and are likely to change daily.”

Did these guys even test their own game?

Every single day you are bolstered by killing the same spiders, rescuing the same druids, gathering the same worthless crap on the ground. Over and over and over. Where is the epic??? Every day you escort a bunch of druids to take over a spot in the Molten Front and see them destroy a tower. Every single day, every time the same damn tower.

I feel cheated :(.
At least there are free epics at the end of this worthless pathetic grind.


Written by Beetle

July 30, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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