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Getting into raiding

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It finally happened. I’m back into raiding again.

Over the weekend my guild leader asked me to join a Firelands raid. Like I said before, she and her husband frequently raid with another guild because they used to be hardcore raiders, and I’m guessing the people from the other guild used to be their guildies …

I immediately took her up on the offer and was summoned seconds after, ready to enter my very first Cataclysm raid. Target of the evening was Beth’tilac, the spider boss something something. To get the obvious out of the way, no we didn’t down it. But boy was it fun.

Right away, I got into the old groove again. Finally something ‘epic’ to work for. Sure we wiped and wiped, but one thing that struck me right away was the fact no one was complaining or pointing fingers. These people had the right mindset, that in order to get this done everyone had to be able to execute things properly. And sometimes (a lot of times) someone makes a mistake. And things go bad. In other words … shit happens.

Apparantly I did a good job, because they asked me to join their run that is going down this evening, to try again. Oh did I mention I was top DPS the entire time? Yeah I know, it even freaked me out. I’m having these recount issues at times, when it doesn’t load or update propper in an instance. During the trash clearing near the raid boss I noticed this and retoggled it, and bam … top DPS.

Which leads me to the second part of this post.

We (our guild) did our very first guild raid yesterday. We finally got enough people to sign up, and we decided to head for Black Wing Decent. Which went really well, considering most people in the raid never raided before in their lives. We got down 4 bosses in 2 hours, which is good considering our setup.

Yep, I’m definately into raiding again …

Which leads me to the third and last part of this post.

Why am I always the only melee class in a raid … seriously??

Now, don’t get me wrong, more chances for me when a loot item drops of course, but still … Okay okay, the above question was a rethorical question. I know why I’m always the only melee class (besides the tanks). Playing as a ranged DPS is so much easier, and I’m guessing more fun because of the design.

Half the time the bosses are so freakin’ huge you’re constantly looking at enemy feet or boots as a melee DPS. So yeah why not stand back and shoot from 50 freakin’ yeards away.

Also half the time the bosses fly up, move around, need to be switched … It’s like chase the dog syndrome. So yeah, why not stand back and shoot things from 50 freakin’ yards away.

I’m thinking blizzard really hates melee classes.


Written by Beetle

August 2, 2011 at 2:47 pm

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