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Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Day two of Firelands raiding

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The second night of Firelands raiding is over, and unfortunately we didn’t get Beth’tilac down. We seem to be struggling with the third wave of adds (drones & spinners). Once again, I’m not to shy to say I performed admirably topping the DPS meters by a mile.

Of course that particular fight is very friendly towards Death Knights and add  control. At one point I even got tasked to killing the Cinderweb Spiderlings all by myself. I did get the job done, thanks to the occasional multishot from the Hunter and some mushrooms from the Druid.

Again, I’ve been asked to participate in their next couple of runs, this thursday and sunday. Pretty exciting, but also weird. Here I am, running raids with another guild. On its own not a big deal, because my two guild leaders are there as well. And I just can’t turn down this opportunity to see the Firelands raid content.

But it is cutting down on my usual game play that consists of doing dungeons with my brother. He’s online late during the evening (family thing) and can’t live up to predetermined raid schedules.

As to raiding for our own guild, it’s slowly coming together. A new schedule has been put up for next week, and we’re aiming for the final boss of Black Wing Decent, Nefarian.

On a silly / drama point, our ‘main’ tank apparently decided to not tank for our raid runs any longer. The fact that our two guild leaders, myself and another guildie (Hunter) are doing Firelands with another guild is a thorn in his eye … and something else about ‘certain people being special people’ …

Good riddance for all I care, I can’t stand the guy anyway. Always full of himself, loud on ventrillo, never shy to give negative remarks towards other ‘lesser skilled’ people. Don’t get me wrong, he’s really good at tanking, and a skillful player. But you cannot, and I can’t stress this enough, expect the same level of skill, dedication, blabla yadayada … of other people when you are in a casual/adult/relaxed guild.

If you cannot stand the fact that there will be people in your raid who are slower than you, do less DPS than you, can’t get out of the fire as fast as you … fill in the blanks, then you should not be a member of a super casual guild. You then need to /gquit and find yourself a nice progression guild with clear performance requirements. But of course, such a move would require dedication and actual serious effort. Why is he a member of a super casual guild again? Right …


Written by Beetle

August 3, 2011 at 2:04 pm

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