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Class in review: Warrior

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As a specialist in alts, and a player who likes to meddle with a lot of different classes, I’d like to give my take on some of the World of Warcraft classes.

The Warrior.

“Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat.”

We need to make a distinction between the leveling experience and the endgame play.

Leveling experience.

Leveling a Warrior is fast and furious. You have the choice between three different play styles. You get to be a shield wearing beast who’s mission is to protect allies in dungeons, or you can choose to deal damage as an Arms or Fury Warrior.

Not going to much in detail, but rest assured whatever path you choose will be an ‘easy’ path. Due to the nature of the Warrior class (lots of armor protection!) you will find questing and leveling a fun and fast experience.

Endgame experience.

This is where things change a little bit.
You need to make a decision, do I want to be a damage dealer or do I want to tank? In order to be decent at your chosen role you will need to gear up your character the correct way.

* The Warrior Tank

So you want to protect and safeguard your allies in dungeons? Then you will be happy to hear the Warrior tank class is an excellent choice. It is not the easiest to master, but once you get the hang of it you are in for a treat.

What makes the Warrior tank so special? Most important I would have to say, the mobility and the different tools at your disposal. A Warrior tank has many special abilities (Shield block, Shield wall, Spell reflection, Last stand) to make sure he/she can perform like a beast.

Unlike a Death Knight tank, a Warrior doesn’t have to worry about keeping his migitations up. You do not have to worry about actively blocking, dodging or parrying your enemies. This is all done passively. Does this mean a Warrior can just sit back and relax while doing his job? No, a Warrior can not do that. Quite the opposite actually.

As a Warrior tank, you will be fighting to build up threat most of the time. Unlike a Death Knight or a Paladin, a Warrior will be actively tabbing through targets while Thunder Clapping, Shockwaving and Shield slamming. This is one of the biggest differences between other tank classes (besides a Druid tank perhaps). As a Warrior, you will feel a lot more involved with the fight at hand.

Is this a good thing? That’s up for you to decide. I for one prefer this way of tanking. It’s a big difference than my Death Knight tank where I can just drop a Death and Decay on the floor and have the enemy mobs stand in it to get threat going. But isn’t this a lot easier you ask? Of course it is, but it comes with a catch. You see, a Death Knight tank has to actively use abilities over and over again to enhance his defense (migitation) and self heal. This makes you (me) feel a lot less involved with the fight because you are constantly busy ‘buffing’ yourself.

* The damage dealing Warrior

Often referred to as a Rogue in plate armor. We hit hard, we kill stuff.

This is a very big in your face kinda play style. You are constantly in the middle of the fight dealing damage with melee weapons. A very offensive minded DPS class.

In general we bring very little utility to a group. We have a couple of group wide enhancements like Battle Shout or Commanding Shout, but not something that’s considered awesome.  We also do not have any crowd-control utilities, which can be a real bummer. Also, unlike other classes, we have no aggro-dump abilities what so ever, meaning we are one of the rare classes that actually have to pay attention to the amount of damage we are dealing.

Rest assured, the lack we have in certain areas is something we make up for with excellent damage capabilities. In short, we do excellent pewpew.

My play experience with the Warrior class.

I like playing my Warrior character. It’s fast, it’s furious. Questing and grinding is easy and fast due to the nature of the Warrior. We wear the heaviest of armor and get to deal a lot of damage, or we are able to soak up  a lot of it.

Because of the lack of certain abilities, the Warrior class is a lone ranger kinda guy. You can’t really self-heal a lot, you have no aggro-dump tools and you are definitely not needed because of crowd-control. So when you’re DPS’ing and you’re in a group of people doing a dungeon, you bring the pewpew, and nothing more. Which is cool.

Is the Warrior a difficult class to play?

When you are tanking, I’d say yes, it can be a challenge to get started and learn. of course this depends a lot on the people you play with or encounter, but still playing a Warrior tank is considered more difficult.

When you are DPS’ing, I’d say no, not really. The rotation of a DPS Warrior really isn’t complicated, and one might even label it button-mashing at times. Important to remember is the lack of an aggro-dump ability, so the saying ‘You spank it, you tank it’ should always be in the back of your head.


Written by Beetle

August 6, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Posted in World of Warcraft

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