Massively Casual Tanking

Tales of a casual Death Knight in World of Warcraft


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Ahh, the about page. Filled with incredible usefull information about stuff noone really cares about.

Here goes.

Beetle has played far to many videogames in the last 34 years.
Beetle nowadays spends his time hopping from one MMO to the other.
Beetle still has a PS3, which on occasion, gets powered on to play a Blueray.

Beetle is hardcore when it comes to gaming.
Beetle thinks hardcore has nothing to do with being l33t.
Beetles A.D.D. does not help when it comes to hardcore gaming.

Beetle has, in the past, worked and written for various gaming websites.

Beetle spends his gaming time mostly in World of Warcraft, playing a Blood Death Knight. He’s not into raiding anymore, meaning you will often find him in 5 man heroic dungeons.


Written by Beetle

March 14, 2011 at 1:50 pm

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